Dear Parents,


Welcome to A Safe Place Child Enrichment Center. It is my hope to provide you and your child(ren) with a positive experience, laying a solid foundation and training for living. We will provide activities that create opportunities for children to learn about themselves in a safe and healthy environment. We are here to provide a loving atmosphere that supports development of self-steem and self-confidence, provide good role models, lessons, and activities for their growth; and provide tools to be successful in life.


Our children are making many choices that will influence their outcome in life. Some of these choices are hard, but with each step they take, their outcome points to success because of the life skills they are developing and building on at an early age. Their self-image influences the choices they make. We will work daily on developing and embracing “Who I Am”. a sense of self-worth gives children the security needed to lead full lives and to love and respect others.

I look forward to working together in making these first years their best years. Your participation is needed, expected, and is very much appreciated.

Again, welcome to A Safe Place.

Kim Shaw